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Storms Pass

Wow, what can we say? Its been a week and there have been tears (many) but also that real sense of feel good and the help of our Ranch volunteers and family

The Ranch supports so many of our local community around Dorset, and together we have had incredible summer clubs, goat walks, weddings and so much more

The Ranch is a non profit organisation and everything we earn goes back to our incredible animal team and supports the reduced costs for our essential work with young people and adults

We lost our shelter and Ranch base to the wind and with that our only existing all weather area. We have been raising money for our classroom fund but still awaiting planning to be finalised.

But we are not going to be beaten and we are OPEN for all of our sessions as normal

Saturday the BIG repair starts and we need your help 💚

You can donate via the button to help us replace damaged wood and roofing and all those screws and bolts we need - or - if you

are a skilled person who has some time free THIS Saturday - We need you

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