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aid for Ukraine 🇺🇦

we also need

From TUESDAY- there will be a bin at The Ranch for donations that we will send for aid in Ukraine if you would like to donate.

Some things cost under £1 and every tiny thing helps

Here's a list of medical stuff being asked for Ukraine.

Disinfectant. Non adhesive dressings. Gauze. Crepe bandages. Steristrips. Triangular bandages. Gloves. Sterile gloves. Splints. Neck braces. Resuscitation masks. Thermal foil blankets. POP(plaster of paris). Single use scalpels. Saline, sterile & I/v. Scissors. Dressing tape. Forceps. Single use surgical kits. Laryngoscopes. Tongue depressors. Topical antibacterial cream (e.g. chloramphenicol). Sutures. Venflons. I/v drip lines.

We will then send each week to:-

British-ukrainian aid

C/o AUGB London branch

154 Holland Park Avenue

London W114UH.

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