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The Ranch on The Wild Side

Unit 21

The Ranch On The Wild Side Team is made up of a whole range of mentors and volunteers - dedicated in sharing knowledge & dispelling the myths & stereotypes that surround reptiles & critters.

But Why Snakes?!

Our heavy bodied snakes are a fantastic aid when people are overwhelmed or anxious. This often shows as hyperactivity and meltdowns. Many of our sessions focus on providing help to young people with emotional regulation. The weight of the snake applies deep pressure stimulation and will help restore a sense of calm. A weight/sensation that can be replicated at home when they have a need to be comforted and regain focus. We recommend an approximate weight simulation of 1.5kg. The NHS recognise the benefits of Deep Pressure Therapy and the use of weighted lap pads and shoulder sensory weights.

Why Reptiles & Invertebrates?

​ Not only do our interactive encounters help people to better understand and appreciate the natural world, they also help to dispel negative myths and fears surrounding the unknown. Our mission is to change misconceptions and foster a sense of respect for these animals.


Tactile Stimulation: The unique texture of reptile skin can be fascinating. For some, touching or holding a reptile can be a grounding experience, providing a distinctive tactile sensation that distracts and calms the mind.

Educational Engagement: Caring for reptiles can be an educational experience, as they often require specialised care. This can be intellectually stimulating and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Predictability and Routine: Reptiles, such as tortoises or snakes, have predictable behaviours. For individuals who might feel overwhelmed by the unpredictability of mammals or birds, the consistent routines of reptiles can provide a sense of stability.

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